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Technology and Education for Christ


Technology and Education for Christ

SIM-TEC is a multi-country ministry of SIM. In 2007, the missionaries of SIM-TEC helped to start an organization called the Transformational Education Network (TEN3). SIM-TEC and TEN3 are now strategically allied to help churches in Africa attain their goals in higher education.
      The SIM-TEC/TEN3 alliance is a team of missionaries and volunteers who are responding to African churches which have requested help to start and/or operate Christian institutions of higher education. This includes secondary schools, technical colleges, and universities.

The SIM missionaries serving with TEN3 include: Ray de la Haye, Kenneth Klay, Dr. Anthony Petrillo, and Jim Szymanski. We also have several SIM associates and appointees who are serving in various capacities part-time. They include JennyBeth Gardner and Jean M. SIM also continues to recruit for some of the key vacant positions in TEN3. Check if you can fill one by clicking here and then clicking on the opportunities tab.

SIM-TEC was started in Nigeria by Dr. Anthony Petrillo through the establishment of the ECWA Information and Computer Science Institute, or EICSI. (Today it is called EICT, the ECWA International College of Technology). The ministry has now expanded to Tanzania and Zambia. The EICSI school itself also helped a church in Niger start an institute. Today we have requests from churches in many countries in Africa to help start Christian institutions of higher education.

Because the first stage of an institution in the SIM-TEC/TEN3 model is a computer training institute, and because one of SIM-TEC's major projects has involved providing computer laboratories for schools, the ministry has sometimes been mis-interpreted as primarily a computer-oriented ministry. The true focus of SIM-TEC has always been transformational education for Christian institutions.

TEN3 logoA major development came when Dr. Petrillo (with SIM International leadership's blessing) joined several non-SIM educators to start a new organization, the Transformational Education Network, with the motto - Discipling to the Third  Generation, and the acronym - TEN3. The new organization continues developing the vision started with SIM-TEC, but is expanding  significantly beyond the scope of what could be done effectively in SIM.

The major areas in which SIM-TEC and TEN3 collaborate are :

  • Curriculum development and writing of course materials

  • Training teachers to be disciple makers who endeavor to see their students transformed to the image of Christ.

  • Administrative consulting and provision of a financial model that enables a school's operations to be financially self sustaining.

  • Establishment and maintenance of standards for excellence in transformational education.

The environment for educational institutions poses great ongoing challenges to the churches in Africa. Electricity is inconsistent in several of these places. Economic fluctuations mean the flow of students and resources is unpredictable. And there are always those who oppose new ways of doing things, even when the old way is failing. Developing a single quality post-secondary institution takes years of hard work to accomplish. But in spite of these challenges, progress is being made. SIM-TEC and TEN3 continue working toward the goal of seeing many such schools come into existence.

To find more information on the activities of TEN3, contact information, prayer requests, opportunities for service, and ways to give financially, visit the website.

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