TEN3 classroom in Nigeria

Pray for SIM-TEC

  • Pray that African churches' efforts to develop leaders for the next generation will be aided by Christ-centered education.

  • Pray for the many churches in Africa and the Carribbean that have requested help in starting Christian colleges and universities.

  • Pray for SIM-TEC leaders as they face the challenges of continual growth both in the demand for Christ-centered education and in the missions' effort to meet those growing needs.

  • Pray that by God's grace, African churches will overcome the severe challenges they currently face and become world leaders in education and the spread of the Gospel.

  • Pray for the finances needed by the SIM-TEC project.

  • Pray for the Transformational Education Network of which SIM-TEC is a member, as it goes about its task of helping African churches develop transformational education systems.


  • Pray for each of the four ministries in which SIM-TEC and TEN3 co-labor:

    • Training - Train African education leaders in the principles of transformational education.

    • Curriculum - Help African educators learn to develop curriculum and materials for use in their schools.

    • Consulting - Provide the churches with a "start small and build" model for developing programs and institutions that are economically viable from the start.

    • Equipment - Assist schools in obtaining the computer and networking equipment needed to run a successful Computer Training Outreach program.

  • Pray that the Lord will raise up more people to serve the African churches by helping them develop transformational education systems. Needed are educators, writers, computer specialists, as well as administators with skills in finance, personnel, and communication.

    • Pray that this generation of young Africans will be rescued to the glory of God through Christ Jesus as they meet the Lord through Christ-centered education and godly teachers.